thobrandt HAPPY Fridayyy🍝🍾🍾 Some variety for my feed👀👀 Made this pasta yesterday with roasted squash🎃 this is called a “crown prince squash” I’m pretty sure. it has like a blue’ish exterior and it’s soo good roasted! It’s almost like a acorn but just bigger + the color is cool af. Pasta+squash is a underrated fall combo🍝🍂 - Ingredients used👇 - 120g pappardelle (120 bc ya boy tryna gainnn) - About 1/4 of that squash, probably around 300grams - Fresh chili - Juice of a lemon - Parmesan - Olive oil - Salt & fresh ground black pepper (a lot of black pepper!) - Pro tip👉 if u a have a pestle and mortar try grounding ur own pepper corns, for some reason it just has so much more flavor I feel like!💥💥 hope u guys are enjoying fri!🍾 . (oh and these are the macros if ure interested👇 Cals: 768 C: 125 F: 22 P: 25)

Oct 12, 2018 1:33 PM 79